Custom Characters and Design
Let Bob design characters for you! Be it for media, live entertainment, corporate branding, collectors, education, museums, stop motion animation -
You name it. We've created it! Bob even creates caricatures of people and pets as well as other highly specialized designs.
Your Own Character or Design
Bob creates moving art to suit your needs.
Bring your character to life!
Authors/pupblishing houses, educatiors, trademarks, original shows and programming, trade shows, mass media and marketing.
Incredible eye catching promotion and design! Dare to be different!
Bob Creates Things Other Won't!
Other makers refer Bob for unique design and build needs that others refuse to touch!
We've made puppets and characters for nearly every industry and need around the world.
Hand, Ventriloquist, Giant, Marionettes, Rod, Animatronic, Special Effects, Stop Motion Animation Puppets and Costume Characters (Mascots), Sculptures, Art Dolls, 2D & 3D Print Art.
Request our custom puppet information sheet which provides very detailed infomation on all of the services we offer and most other questions you may have.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.